gestalten She Surf


Editors: gestalten & Lauren L. Hill
Format: 21 × 26 cm, 8 ¼ × 10 ¼ inches
Features: Full color, hardcover, 256 pages, more than 200 photos
Language: English

“As girls are given the opportunity and support to engage with sport, and as accessibility to boards and beaches increases, we will make up for lost decades in getting back to surfing’s legacy of inclusivity.” Lauren L. Hill, in She Surf

She Surf is an exciting reflection on what it means to be a female surfer and how it feels to be moved to action by the beauty of the ocean. Join the celebration of the diverse, vibrant, and engaged community of women riding and making waves around the globe.

From its Polynesian origins to the beaches of almost every surfable coastline around the world, the art of surfing has become a truly global phenomenon with millions of surfers living to the rhythm of the tides. While surfing is usually told through a male perspective, women have long been nurturing their own water stories and claiming their rightful place in the world of this sport. In more than 25 exclusive interviews, She Surf profiles the females who are engaged in expanding the art of surfing today. Through evocative imagery and insightful text written by professional surfer Lauren L. Hill, the book travels from the iconic waves of Hawai‘i to lesser-known surf destinations such as Taghazout, Morocco, and Tofino, Canada. Learn about the forgotten stories of a surfing princess, pioneering wave riders from the 1960s, and the contemporary movers and shakers shaping the scene. She Surf hails the women, past and present, who define the sport and art of surfing.

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