CURATOR Volume III – Culture of Snowboarding


In uncertain times, don’t lose faith, and let yourself be mastered by self-frustration. Hold on to what sustains you, while trusting to let go of that which weighs you down.

Let yourself be inspired by those who believe in themselves, despite all the odds. Who reach out to others, and help carry them, and who also have the confidence to let themselves be carried. Be inspired by those who are not afraid of the new.

CURATOR Volume III features John Jackson, Spencer’ Gimbal God’ Whiting, Zeb Powell, Jeff Brushie, Forrest Shearer, Nick Russell, Elena Hight, Jamie Lynn, Yo Amagai, Corey Smith, PJ Gustafsson, Šárka Pančochová, Matt Georges, Circe Wallace, Jed Anderson, Louie & JT Fountain among others.

Follow the golden path to a life of joy and serenity in snowboarding.

222 pages hardcover book with several changes of paper types. Climate-neutral print production with FSC-certified paper.

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