CURATOR Volume II – Cult of Snowboarding


Take your lead from the secretive cult of snowboarding! Those who glide sideways through snow, move weightlessly through the air and slide metal-on-metal have unlocked the door to a new transcendental awakening. Follow them to find enlightenment! Become one with this secretive fraternity!

It may take some time before you fully comprehend their language and concepts. But the brothers and sisters of this snowboarding fraternity will help you understand these secret arts. Old tutors and young comrades, in collaboration with those who can capture the rarest of sacred moments, communicate this joy in print, on film and on screen. You will find their wisdom in this book.

CURATOR Volume II features the magic of Jake Burton, John Cardiel, Denis Leontyev, Fridtjof Fridge Tischendorf, Nicholas Wolken, Steve Gruber, Rene Rinnekangas, Niklas Mattsson, Lonnie Kauk, P.J. de Villiers, R.P. Roberts, Mads Jonsson, Tommen, Nicolas Müller, Marie-France Roy, Gigi Rüf, Maria Thomsen, Ethan & Annika Morgan, Hampus Mosesson, Jakob Wilhelmson, among others.

Follow their guidance and be suffused with a new happiness! Experience an excitement unlike anything you have known before!

The darkest book in snowboarding: 208 pages bound in a hardcover with relief paint cover artwork, iris and duplex printing method, several changes of paper types. Carbon-neutral print production using FSC-certified paper.

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